EarthGuy 2c

Continued from Part 2...

Next Episode: City Left Behind (Coming Soon)

Author's Commentary:

I hope that you have enjoyed episode 2 as a simple story of characters interacting. I chose to begin this series with episode 2, so that we could see our characters interacting in a more meaningful way and to overcome the hazards of setting up the series. The series premise is told elsewhere on the site, and is simply that an ordinary "guy" named Guy takes a job as a superhero on another world. The world needs a hero, because a series of light-stealing satellites have been installed across the planet. As the satellites steal the light, the planet's inhabitants become less and less reasonable. 

In episode 2, Guy has his first opportunity to destroy one of the  satellites, but fails. The story is
meant to remind us that we all fail and seek redemption. Although Guy does
fail to destroy the satellite, he does save the lives of his friend and a traveling civilian, reminding 
that although he might not be great as this job, he puts people first.

While thinking about the story, I hope that any of us who feel the sting of failure will
take heart that we can find help to succeed and that no matter how many failures we
might have, we can still find success by trusting in someone greater than ourselves.

Guy will encounter many failures and successes along the way, but the truth of these
stories really lies in his relationship to Gus and in the way the planet's people
respond to their lack of light. In our world, a lack of the gospel's light results in 
mindbogglingly foolish behavior. What foolishness do you perceive in our world,
and how would you attribute that foolishness to a lack of light?


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