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What can the Church learn from a team of dinosaur superheroes?


The Jurassic League is as weird, silly and fun as you might guess. A group of anthropomorphized dinosaurs are cast as the Justice League and their arch-enemies, locked in ‘moral?’ combat to ensure the safety of the earth and all of its inhabitants (including cavemen). Asking the reader to ignore the absolute insanity of talking dinosaurs who actually live alongside humans is the starting point to enjoying the book, but since the book features an egg from the planet Apocalypse and its inexplicable effects on the world, maybe the talking dinos is just a side-effect of the weird energy that the egg produces? 

As it might seem, the book is something both kids and adults can enjoy, and maybe even enjoy it together. Like most of the Justice League books, this series hinges on the need to be a team. The idea that we are better together than apart, seems like a very relevant message for the Church during our current struggles to define and redefine Christianity for the next generation.

Like many of us church-goers, each of the Dino-Justice Leaguers are distracted by their personal commitments. SuperSaurous is busy protecting his parents and their tribe, Batsaruous is only interested in avenging his parents’ deaths, and Aquanyx is only concerned with his underwater friends (dolphins).

While each of these commitments are important, and well, commitments, they all become unimportant when the greater danger is finally realized. Each of the characters must determine that the best way to meet these commitments is by working together to overcome the greater evil or danger.

For too many years Christians have seen our greatest danger to be outside influences of communities and culture. Some have committed to anti-abortion, purity, or anti-LGBTQ+ agendas and made those the most important parts of their lives. Like the Jurassic League, we have become so enmeshed in our own concerns and commitments that we fail to hear the words of Jesus Christ as He instructs us to love God and love our neighbor.

Christianity has become a side in a culture war instead of the way of following Jesus Christ. 

May we, the church of Jesus Christ, learn to follow His clear commands to love and care for our neighbors and to pool our resources in order to truly minister the gospel to a suffering world.

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics

Schedule: Monthly

Format:  Limited series

Publication date: May 2022

Creative team

Written by: Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon

Artist(s): Juan Gedeon, Rafael Garres, and Jon Mikel

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